NiNPAH   2024

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Sun and Moon times for August 24 to August 27 at Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD*
Thursday, August 24th
Friday, August 25th
Saturday, August 26th
Sunday, August 27th


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*Sources: (Sun times) (Moon times & Phases)
Blue and Golden times supplied by
Jens Koßmagk’s Twilight Calculator – Blue Hour / Golden Hour 
Special thanks to:
LightTrac – App Store / Google Play
PhotoPills App Store / Google Play
Note: Ramblewood Darlington, MD 21034 location is: 
          Degrees, Hours, and Minutes: 39°38’21″N 76°12’11″W
        The Hub: Lat: 39.645869 Long: -76.172482 – EDT Time Zone:( -04:00)
NiNPAH Photo Shoot is not responsible for any inaccuracies.