NiNPAH  ●  2022          ●   See you next this summer!  ●

See you at NiNPAH 2023!

We are a friendly group of photographers and models working (as best we can) in various styles.  Photographers range from beginners to more advanced, we welcome all who are seriously inspired by art!

For the most part, we use modern DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, but some of us like to use classic & antique technology.

Our major event of the year is NiNPAH, the largest outdoor nude, photography event on the East coast of the USA.

You will find staff and photographers to be very helpful if you ask questions!  That’s how most of us have learned!

We look forward to your participation in our events!

See ya’
The Venerable Stan & the rest of the crew

Stan Goldstein is a very experienced photographer and photography event coordinator. He has been a full-time photography event coordinator and photographer since 2005. Goldstein has run photography workshops from Connecticut to Texas.


✻ Thank You ✻

The Staff of NiNPAH would like to thank Camp Ramblewood, the Photographers, and the Models of NiNPAH 2022 for making our tenth NiNPAH Photo Event Such a Wonderful Experience!


NiNPAH 2022 Models

See you at NiNPAH 2023!