NiNPAH   2022

Arrow Group Shoot Schedule

Due to the nature of ticket sales, this schedule only reflects the availability of a given session at the time of the late update. IN ALL CASES THE PURCHASE PAGE HAS THE MOST UP TO DATE AVAILABILITY INFORMATION and supersedes the information listed here.

* Please read the ticket information carefully!

  • We do NOT intend to do it, but circumstances beyond our control (typically missing models) might require us to cancel or merge sessions; change models, or refund payment to photographers. In all cases, if the model is not the one you signed up for we will refund payment if you request a refund BEFORE the session begins. If you paid for the session through Eventbrite you will be refunded through Eventbrite.
  • Group sessions, like all of our sessions, INCLUDE a broad commercial model release & 2257 Age Certification form as part of the price.
  • We try to have 1 or 2 group leaders for each session. The group leaders will check tickets, collect payments, maintain order & watch out for unacceptable behavior (which almost never happens). They will occasionally assist photographers with technical issues or direct the model(s), although it is our belief that direction is usually best left to the participating photographers on a rotating basis. The group leaders are the personal friends & representatives of the organizer, Stan Goldstein. Please treat them with the utmost respect & kindness; do NOT bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate.
  • Any & all locations mentioned in the session descriptions are intended at the time of posting. Conditions, particularly weather, may dictate the use of very different locations.
  • Acts of God, acts of gods, events of nature, force majeure, civil disorder, acts of war, governmental interference, political intrigue, labor unrest, acts of piracy, disease, plague, pestilence, drought, angry ancient spirits, poltergeists, the four horsemen of the acropolis, bad weather, and any number of other common or un-common interferences are beyond our control & we will not be held accountable for them.
  • Sessions start on the hour & end 45 minutes after the hour.
  • Walking (transportation) time is part of session time.
  • If you arrive late & miss all or part of a session it is unfortunate, but you will NOT receive a refund or adjustment.
  • Unless otherwise informed, all groups will meet with the Model(s) & Leader(s) at the hub (The area between the pool & the dining hall, see above).
  • Tips, even if just a few dollars, make models very happy.